New Zealand Pictures

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Paul flies across a Bay near Auckland - Point Chevalier

 The beach along the same bay.

One lane bridges are common. This one crosses the Waihou River.

A Fern tree overlooking a stream inthe Redwood Forest

The Redwood forest off of Highway 25A.

Streams of light from above
Bears have been sharpening their claws on this redwood.

Overlooking a valley near the Redwood Forest

Waihi Beach on the Bay of Plenty

Looking at the beach and town of Mt. Maunganui, from the jetty.

Mount Manganui

Here's what the groundwater looks like before cooling. This is located at the Waimangu Thermal Valley.

Bungee Jump overWaikato River near Taupo.

Another look at the Bungee jump. I tried diving here...

Behind the hotel is a swimming pool that uses the hot ground water, which must be cooled first. Click on the picture and read the sign. (78 Centigrade = 172 degrees Farenheit!)

Here's the pool - yes, the water is yellow and smells like sulfur.

Tazman Sea (West coast) at Raglan. A Gypsy van is parked below.

Along the Tazman Sea, the cows have a great view and complete ownership of the road.

Tazman Sea road, where a car fell off the 100' cliff.

The road is on the upper right.
Whangarei Falls ("Fang uh ray") , near the same town.

Here's where you get your "Christmas Craw" on the way to Whangarei

Sheep World, a wonderful tourist trap to look at as you drive by...

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