Australia - Trip #2

Sydney and surrounding attractions

bondi1b.jpg (14678 bytes)The very popular and beautiful Bondi Beach...

bondi2b.jpg (17465 bytes) Where swimmers must respect the rocks, big waves and strong currents, or...

bondi3b.jpg (17465 bytes) swim in the adjacent salt water pool with the occasional splash from the waves.

bondi4b.jpg (17465 bytes) The small sign in the upper right says "The painting of murals is prohibited without approval of Council".  It looks like they're trying to guide creativity rather than stifle it.  This wall faces the beach.

bondi5b.jpg (17465 bytes) A local surfer just scrawled on the sidewalk: "not a ?? zone.  Save Bondi for all olympic visitors.  No stadium on Bondi Beach.   Picnic and rally (next weekend)."  Apparently the Sydney 2000 Olympics will be holding some events there.

sydney21b.jpg (17465 bytes) Downtown Sydney - opera house is just left and up from the bridge.

sydney22b.jpg (17465 bytes) Darling Harbour

sydney23b.jpg (17465 bytes) View looking East down the river towards the ocean.   Downtown is the area with tall buildings on the upper right.

watsonsbay1b.jpg (17465 bytes) Watson's Bay and beach...

doyles1b.jpg (17776 bytes)where you MUST visit Doyles Restaurant and Pub - fabulous!

watsonsbay2a.jpg (17465 bytes) Watson's bay from the air. 


brisbane2b.jpg (11509 bytes)View from scenic overlook

brisbane1b.jpg (17465 bytes) A great river tour is available on the City Cat

brisbane3a.jpg (17465 bytes) Rock climbers

brisbane4a.jpg (17465 bytes) Park with a beach and swim area separate from river.

brisbane5b.jpg (17465 bytes) Park also has a small rain forest

brisbane6b.jpg (17465 bytes) Typical downtown area.

brisbane8a.jpg (17465 bytes) Mouth of river.  Downtown is on the right.

brisbane7b.jpg (17465 bytes)View from hotel

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