Mountainous, lush, green, friendly, lots of islands and many dive spots (especially Tavauni)- that's Fiji.  These pictures are from a quick 24 hour visit - I'll definitely be back.  United Touring ("UTC", 722811) did an excellent job arranging all the tours.

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nadi2b.jpg (12754 bytes) International section of airport for Nadi ("Nandy" or "Nandy-town")

nadi1b.jpg (11004 bytes)Downtown Nadi on Sunday, when most shops are closed.

nadisheraton1b.jpg (11005 bytes)A must-do is the helicopter tour by Island Hoppers (679 720 410) of the nearby mountains and islands.  This is a man-made island (filled-in wetlands separated from the mainland by a canal) for the two Sheraton Hotels.

nadiairport1b.jpg (19947 bytes)Nadi Airport

fiji2a.jpg (16688 bytes)The helicopter tour takes you over several cliffs for gasping visual effect.

fiji3a.jpg (10424 bytes)Rainforests and waterfalls that can't be reached by road.

fiji4a.jpg (19164 bytes)Mt Evans turned sideways reveals a face.

fiji5b.jpg (10156 bytes)Beachcomber Island supposed to be THE party island in Fiji.

fiji6b.jpg (11314 bytes)fiji6c.jpg (11697 bytes)You can hire Jimmy, a private guide to show you some of the sights by land.  Here we are visiting Baravi Handicrafts (679 520364) in Sigatoka, of the largest suppliers of local handicrafts.

fiji7b.jpg (14260 bytes)A typical beach on the Coral Coast, about 30 minutes from Nadi.

fiji8b.jpg (9389 bytes)A view from the shore reveals reef is over a mile out.   The two small dots in the upper left are people wading and fishing.

fiji9a.jpg (9162 bytes) Everyone has on their Sunday best today...

fiji10a.jpg (11935 bytes)Possibly to visit Jimmy's Hindu temple.

fiji11b.jpg (18820 bytes)There are many roadside veggie stands thanks to lots of rain and plentiful farmland.

fiji23a.jpg (12402 bytes)The Toana Hotel (679 720277) is an excellent place to stay - it's near the airport,

fiji12b.jpg (13314 bytes)has a nice buffet and

fiji24b.jpg (14021 bytes)a pool (but it was raining at this time).   However, there is no beach.

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