Kempter Family Information

For those in search of other Kempters, here's information from several sources:

- Various web sources including web pages, email addresses, postal addresses and more (1/1/01)

- "Three Centuries of Kempters" (2/15/97)

- "The World Book of Kempters", including a questionable Kempter coat of arms (2/15/97)

Please email me if you want a copy of the family tree or to:

- Add or correct any information
- Add a link to your Kempter-related page
- Have me host a page for a fellow Kempter
- Know more about my family tree
- Contribute a picture for a page to compare (I think Guido and I have some very similar traits!)  

Check out the Kempter "home town" of Kempten. Unfortunately, the Kempten page no longer has an english version.

The Kempter Coat of Arms

Courtesy Charles B. Kempter. Click on image for larger one.

Heinrich der Kempter, Hero and Knight

Held und Ritter (hero and Knight) - On the exterior wall of the city hall of Kempten, capitol of the Allgau, in southern Germany. Ritter Heinrich von Kempter saved the life of Emperor Otto the Great in Italian territory of the Holy Roman Empire.

Image before restoration in 1964, and city hall after restoration. Courtesy Charles B. Kempter.

Interesting info from Guido Kempter:

"Maybe you'll note the difference between two towns in Germany: there is Kempten in Allgaeu (our origin) and there is Kempen near the Netherlands. Both towns gives some families their names. And did you know that our first ancestor entered in the books was a shoemaker in Ravensburg?"

Did you know?

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