Key West Houseboat Trip!
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boca1b.jpg (3747 bytes)We rented a very nice 35' houseboat with two sofabeds, kitchen w/gas stove/microwave/gas frig, hot water (yesss!), big shower, portable head, 2.5KW generator, air conditioning (ahhh!), top deck, kayak, VHF radio, depth finder, TV (requires generator), cig lighter power, front deck with furniture.  Some nice additions would be a gas barbeque grill (not just a gas stove), steps off the front and an icemaker ;-) .  The 70HP Suzuki motor has excellent fuel economy and cruises at about 6 MPH. 

This photo was taken at Boca Grande, about 12 miles West of Key West.  We brought a Sea-Doo for our dingy (highly recommended).  It's easier to take the Sea-Doo to get ice.

boca4a.jpg (7879 bytes) On the North side of Boca is a small channel that leads into a forest.

boca5a.jpg (5672 bytes)Pull up to any beach and look at all the coral and shells you'll find.

bubba2b.jpg (4765 bytes)  We brought Bubba and Sparky, and Bubba immediately took up watch at the rear couch...

bubba4b.jpg (10947 bytes)  But he wasn't thrilled about strolling through the wet seaweed.

deb1b.jpg (5550 bytes)  Need some driftwood?

hilton1.jpg (12824 bytes)   Just of Key West, a small island has been stripped and bult up with houses and condos.

sparky4a.jpg (5869 bytes)Sparky claimed his territory...

sparky3a.jpg (6497 bytes)  and inspected the lobsters we caught.  We found a spot with eight lobsters under one coral head.  I am taking bids for those coordinates.

xmas1b.jpg (3943 bytes)  Christmas Tree island, just off Key West, collected some wrecked boats and many other odd items after the hurricane.  There are some folks that live here at night and work in Key West during the day.  There are also quite a few who live on sailboats just West of the island.

boca2b.jpg (8471 bytes) No matter where you choose to anchor, the sunsets are stunning.

Now back to reality.