Mardi Gras!

mobile1b.jpg (6647 bytes) mobile2b.jpg (8504 bytes) 4 sec 800 ASA exposure of parade route Mobile (home of the original Mardi Gras) throws quite a party.  City parks become campgrounds where campers bring their own portable toilets (and lock them).  Open container laws are suspended.

mobile4b.jpg (8178 bytes) mobile5.jpg (6762 bytes) mobile6a.jpg (12322 bytes) Everything gets decorated somehow

fairhope1b.jpg (8462 bytes) fairhope2b.jpg (7500 bytes) fairhope3b.jpg (7086 bytes) Fairhope is a small town on the East side of Mobile Bay that throws a great family-oriented Mardi Gras.

fairhope5b.jpg (6342 bytes)  fairhope7b.jpg (7010 bytes) fairhope6b.jpg (5641 bytes) Beads and Moonpies are plentiful.


escambia1b.jpg (5002 bytes) The Escambia River (near Pensacola) appears to have fluctuating levels of two or so feet (look at the wet banks).

tentom1b.jpg (4574 bytes) tentom1c.jpg (2694 bytes) The Tentom (near Mobile) is a major shipping artery with a few large logs.

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