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The "Sneedle"
 Panoramic view from the Sneedle.

If you look at the larger panorama (click on the picture above), you'll see a major fire at the sea port.

The downtown fish market
Also visible from the Sneedle is Lake Washington, where Bill Gates lives.


Bumbershoot (which means umbrella) is Seattle's biggest festival of the year.  Here is the outdoor concert, featuring Beck ...
And the indoor concert...
And another outdoor concert under the Sneedle.
To read this bubblicious van, click on this photo

The USS Abraham Lincoln

Top Deck
A junk plane for practicing fire drills.
Plane won't budge?  We have a tow truck for you!
Fire control center - that's Deb in the back, and brother Jamie.
Peering in the engine intake, but the engine is missing.
The command center
Below deck is the size of a football field, but has a basketball court.
Deb plots the next move.
And Paul calls the shots
The launching pad.
Deb, waterfall in Olympic National Park
Deer at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park
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