The Suncoast Ski and Barefoot Club Inc.
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The Suncoast Ski and Barefoot Club was incorporated in 1988 to further develop watersports interests in the Tampa Bay area. At it's peak, there were over 160 members from around the world. Unfortunately, due to the lack of quality ski areas (closed by no wake zones) SSBC has shut down. SSBC arranged many road trips, put out newsletters and brought skiers together.

Most of our practice was on Lake Tarpon.

 The club had many barefooters, including Paul.

One of the favorite hangouts was the Lake Tarpon Outfall Canal, until it became a No Wake zone. That started a 13 year effort to re-establish it as a ski area. If I get more mail, I'll add details to this incredible story.

Here we are barefooting on a boom in our tuxedoes just after a wedding.

We hosted two tournaments. First was the SSBC Novice Fun Tournament, which was the first AWSA sanctioned tournament that covered regular 3-event, kneeboard and barefoot competition all in the same tournament.

Second was the Florida State Barefoot Championships, a high profile tournament with competitors from all over Florida.

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