Day 16


The most stylish mini-barge dock I have ever seen.

Here's the Riverview marina with transient dockage, but it has no protection from the river wakes.

This just doesn't get old.

Martha Stewart would be proud.

CU172.5 - Commodore Yacht Club - very well protected.

You wouldn't know it unless you had Google Earth running, but there's a Super Walmart just beyond those trees.  The only clue is a small deck.  You don't know you're near or in Nashville until you're in the heart of downtown.

Scooby wants to be a close to his human pals as possible.  I wish that guy would change his shirt.

CU-175.3 The entrance to Rock Harbor marine, which is well protected except for those boats in line with the entrance.  This is one of the few originally planned stops.  Only days 1,2,3,6,10 and 12 were originally planned.  All the rest we used alternates or found something completely new.

There are some things that need maintenance.

We pull in to our slip and what do we see?  Our twin brother!  This is a 2004 model.  Note the windows slide sideways in stead of up/down.  You didn't even notice it wasn't our boat, did you?

Rock Harbor got two paws down from Scooby for having a pet area so far away from the slip and not having the 30' dropoff fenced.  We took him out by the street.

See the dropoff?

Rock Harbor is a hodgepodge of docks with at least 9 turns in a maze to get to shore.

It's easy to get lost out there.

This artwork was by the marina sales office.

The Blue Moon Lagoon ROCKS at night on Fridays and Saturdays.  Great food too!

Here is the main entrance for ALL docks and the restaurant.

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