Day 5 - Mill Hollow/Guntersville Dam TN-349.5

An Army Corps team on their way to one of the many active projects...

Like this never-ending effort to harden the banks with rocks to slow erosion from wind and barge-driven wakes.

A lighthouse on a river??

TN-357.4 - Alred marina for gas.  Very quiet place, well protected, 200' to pet area across gravel, marine parts store and a 24 hour credit-card activated fuel dock.

TN-349.5 - stayed the night at Mill Hollow, a well protected cove just upstream of Guntersville Dam.  Upon sighting a small land clearing, Scooby gave his OK since it also had a place for him to get in and out of the water (extreme lower left).  Paul like it because he could get satellite reception through the hole in the trees just above the boat.  Note the big rock just in front of the boat.  Fortunately it's not a sign of what's underneath the water.

What a beautiful place with lots of privacy.  Too bad campers left plenty of trash and glass.

Scooby's drying off after a good swim.  The humans won't let him up on the land while drying because it will wallow in the dirt and leaves, then bring it all on the boat to share.  His famous cooler-of-icewater is on the left.  Spoiled boy.  Igloo doesn't make them anymore, so don't bother to look for them at Walmart.

Here's another view of the campsite.  It's not obvious here, but there is plenty of trash around.  The pile of plastic to the right of Scooby is one example.

The rock will make it easy to find this site.

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