Benny's Antics!
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  If he's hungry, he'll lounge in his dish.
  Or dive in a cereal box

If he's lazy and hungry, he'll lay next to his dish and eat only what he can reach without getting up.

  If he's real hungry, he'll eat a potted plant then lay in the pot and hide after doing a victory dance.

  His slaves provide icewater in a crystal cocktail glass to his liking.

After a bath, slave Deb towels Benny off.

At the home office, Benny supervises finances to ensure there is sufficient budget for carrots

Fashion Trends by Benny:

Magician's Rabbit.

Dressed as a girl rabbit.

Dressed as a hat.

One of Benny's friends is Eddie ("Eddie Rabbit", get it?), but this is as close as they're allowed to get - Eddie's a girl and neither of them have been fixed.

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