Benny's Adventures!

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Who is this animal?  Benny is a 5lb, 8Year old Netherland Dwarf rabbit to which we are enslaved.

Since creating Paul Kempter's Home Page in 1995, the overwhelming response via email has been about Benny's Adventures and he had to get his own visitor counter.  Many Web links bypass Paul's page and go directly to Benny.  He clearly has greater influence within the Dogbert New Ruling Class due to his striking similiarity to Dogbert.  By request of lagamorph fans all over, I have split up and expanded his pages to include more photos and care/training information.

Benny died in July 1997, apparently of natural causes. He was 8 1/2, which is pretty old for a rabbit. We had just finished a July Fourth boating trip - his favorite thing to do. We miss him very much.  We are leaving his pages here to show how much fun a rabbit can have and how training pays off.

Benny's History

He came from a pet store (before slave Deb knew better), lived with Deb and had free run of the house (it had all tile floors). He had no cage (usually).

He was easily liitter trained, did lots of binkies but didn't like to be held very much while he was young. When Deb moved, he slept in the kitchen and took a liking to the top of the couch where he could get lots of pets.  He couldn't be let loose on the carpet because he forgot his litter training.

Then he figured out that the adjacent coffee table was even better; at that moment, he became a permanent "table rabbit". In his later years he never had a cage, just several tables and countertops to live on and be near everyone. He never tries to get down. He also has a huge screened porch for running around, although he did very little running in his later years. Then there is the outdoors, where there is no fence; he just hangs around like a loyal dog... unless he smells Eddie.

Several training techniques were used, similar to those used on sparky. He took a liking to staying on tables from purely positive reinforcement.

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