Benny's Traps a Gator!
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One day, while hanging out under his favorite tree and admiring the view,

 Benny noticed something in the water.  It was a gator.

Sparky told him that the gator had chased him even when Paul & Deb were in the water.  Paul said he was "aggressive and had lost his natural fear of humans".  Benny decided to call the Florida Freshwater Fish and Game Commission to have an alligator trapper come take the aggressive alligator away.

  Joe Borelli, a seventy-something year old gator trapper showed up with his wife.  They strung a line from Benny's tree to the dock and from that line, hung another line down to the water ending with a baited hook.

The next day Paul got home from work and found a gator at the end of that line.

Joe maneuvered the gator over to a nearby embankment and hooked the line to an electric winch on the front of his truck.  The winch dragged the gator up on land where he was tied up and taken away.  He measured 9 feet 6 inches.  Big enough to eat Benny and Sparky.  Before he can be tied, Joe places a towel of the gator's eyes so he won't struggle.

One can tell Joe is a careful guy because he still has all of his fingers.

About 2 years later, Joe traps another nine footer one in our yard.

  Here's another gator captured in North Florida.

After trancing and looking him over, we let him go

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