Benny's Commandments!

* Bring me food. Now. I'll beg for pretzels, chips, pumpkin seeds, cooscoos,  xx rabbit treats and chocolate, but only give me a little in proportion to my helthy pellets.

* Icewater all the time (you need to hire someone or install an icemaker connected to his glass).

* Keep me cool when it's hot

- Icewater all the time (that we're home)

- When it's very hot, we pour icwater directly on him - he loves it.

- When it's somewhat hot, we place icecubes on his back and head; they melt slowly for a moderate cooling


- Shade

- Feel his ears - they should be only slightly warm (normal body temp is 102 deg). Regulate the cooling


- Check breathing - heavy panting (at rest) indicates overheating.

- Frozen jug of water to lay next to

- Icewater on a towel to lay on or next to

- Extensive combing to remove the undercoat

- Use a shaver with a comb-like attachment to thin the fur

- Benny doesn't like to swim, but it keeps him cool (If your bunny is young, now is the time to acclimate him/her to

the water. Rabbits can learn to really like the water. Then you'll have to buy a kiddie pool...)

- Don't use fans because rabbits are sensitive to drafts and can catch cold. oh no.

* Keep me warm when it's cold. Again feel my ears to see if I'm cold and give me a blanket, box, pillow or warm body to snuggle with.

* Comb me to thin out my undercoat, especially around my tail and genitals

* Clean my scent glands (crevices just behind my nads).

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