Benny's Suwannee River and Florida Everglades Boat Trips!
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Benny likes road trips to all the Lakes and Rivers that Paul and Deb Explore.  Sometimes he goes swimming, but isn't terribly fond of it.

  Here's benny at Rock Bluff (aka "Goat Ball") Springs on the Suwannee River.

He hops over to the seawall where he can watch the spring head closer - careful! He's giving you "the ear"!

The slaves are preparing carrots for dinner.  When the party gets going, Benny jumps right in on his Kneeboard. Here's another closeup on the kneeboard.

  Here's the gang at Little River Springs.

While cruising, he often supervises from a favorite couch

. Or lounges like a professional.   Or just sleeps the day away while the slaves continue driving.

    He gives commands to the driver and navigator, Paul and Sparky.

Years ago, when we visited the everglades, Benny had a leash on to be sure he didn't run away if he got scared.  We don't need to do that anymore.  He likes to be buried in the sand just like teenage humans do.

  On the way to these places, Benny sits in the car on the armrest throne and gets licks and drool from Sparky.  Most of the sogginess is from icewater supplied by the slaves.

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