Everybody's Pal, Sparky!
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Sparky is a 125 lb Rottweiller who has had extensive training (more than Benny).  He was living next door with two cats and 4 1/2 year old Kyle during the week and frequently camps at the Animal House. In recent years, he spent full time at the Animal House. 

Update:  We apologize for posting bad news, but Sparky died 12/20/98 of cancer.   He was 8 1/2 (same as Benny, how strange).  Four months ago a tumor surrounded a rear leg bone and the entire leg had to be amputated.  He was very happy the day he came home from surgery because the tumor was so painful - far more painful than the amputation!  We were hoping that we could stop the cancer from spreading by using 2 very expensive chemotherapy sessions, but that effort obviously failed.  If there are many queries about his cancer, we will post more details that others may find useful.   We hope that by leaving these pages here that others will be motivated to devote significant time to training their pets.  The reward is amazing - take a look at his vocabulary and other behaviors (Word 7 document).

  Benny often hangs out under his favorite tree with Sparky. There is no fence around the yard and neither of them have a leash on.  They just know how to be cool (training helps).

  One day they watched their friend Dirk land his helicopter on the dock.

Sparky often gives Benny snuggles.

  Benny and Sparky like to play at Rock Bluff Springs on the Suwannee River. They are standing on a ledge in front of the springs.  Neither have a leash on.

Sparky doesn't get the same priveleges as Benny.  The slaves won't share their food with him, especially on river camping trips.

  Sometimes they just hang out when it's rainy and gloomy while cruising the Chatahoochee River. Here's a closeup of sparky's sad face.

Sparky does do some neat things like chase a ball into the lake,

or chase it to the bottom of a 12' pool

or ride a Sea Doo,

or bite the water beside the ski boat

.or bite the water by the Sea Doo,

    and sleep on his back

  Super-Sea-Doo Dog is always ready for a ride.

Sparky's brother is Kyle.

 Sparky as a puppy.

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