Day 10 - Mermaid Marina, near Perryville

We discovered the brand new Riverstone Marina (731 549-3744) at mile TN-162.1, just downstream of the Route 114 bridge. 

The on-line chart (left) shows "proposed bridge site and construction" and the printed chart (right) shows the bridge but not the marina.  Well, there is a bridge there and the cove next to it has a nice marina.

The Google Earth above shows Riverstone marina and Clifton Marina...

Clifton Marina, well inside a protected area and a short drive to town.  I recommend setting aside time to tie up here and getting a ride into town to check it out.

Our very helpful dockmaster's shirt says "Born to party, forced to work".

It's clear we're in the heart of Tennessee.

I suggested docking at the marina because downtown Clifton is not set up for visitors by boat.  There is no protection from wakes and there are some rocks near shore.

Deb hopped off and took some pictures of Clifton...

It's clear that we should have spent more time there.

More caves.

Huh?  This turns out to be a billboard for what's coming up...

That's right, the Mermaid Marina, what else could it be?

TN-140 We found the Mermaid Marina (shown here) and Fisherdale Restaurant (nearby, not pictured) which were much more fun and a huge grassy field nearby.  Note the old fashioned birdcage elevator on the right side (for handicap access to 2nd floor).  This is all on one barge.

Only the finest (most hilarious) decor for the Mermaid marina.

At first we went to Perryville marina, but found that it had a long walk across hot pavement for a pet area, so we sent back to Mermaid where we had a lot of fun.

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