Day 11 - Birdsong Marina - TN 103.5


TN-115.5, Cuba Landing Marina for Gas.  Nice grassy fields near the docks.  It's just off the main river and appears to be reasonably well protected from wakes.

Floating store and restaurant.

TN-103.5 Birdsong marina - Friendly attitude towards dogs and some grass near the dock (meant to be some RV rental spots), but official pet area is 400' away and one very fatal flaw for transient boaters: no breakwater to calm the wakes from the river channel.  On a Sunday afternoon your boat will be rockin' against that dock. Hard.  They need a breakwater very badly.  Scooby was glad that no dogs were on a leash and all people were fine with that including security, despite what the web page says.  This is a very full and active park and there were only 2 transient boats this night.  They loaned us a nice truck to get supplies at Walmart.

Here's a better perspective of birdsong from the road - no protection.

The only swimming area at Birdsong was this boat ramp.

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