Day 12 TN-62.7 - Fort Heiman Gravel beach

Mile marker 78.5 showed an "abandoned dock"...

Which appears to be an abandoned railroad station built before the dam was.

Scooby's looking for a cool breeze on a hot day.


Flashback to the 40's-50's-60's - when was the last time you saw individual phone lines hung separately on glass insulators?  This is a RR bridge near x.  I guess there has never been a reason to tear these poles down.


Unloading some coal near xx.  I presume the grey covers are to keep water out.

Being a crane operator may not be so bad if that's air conditioned in there.  You get a waterfront view all day long and no pesky email or phone!

An overall view of the operation.

Paris Landing Marina/park is another first class operation like Chickamauga/Erwin.  The pet area is very close but the beach requires a hike across the road or a ride in their courtesy van.  They have lots of transient dock space.  We originally planned to stay overnight but decided to move on and go primitive.

This is a huge marina and this is only a portion.

Also at the Paris Landing marina was this interesting houseboat.

The Coast Guard had a maintenance facility across the cove from Perryville marina.  Note the red buoys on the dock.  Yes, these are the folks to keep those channel markers straight.  We only saw 2 that were obviously out of place on the whole 650 mile trip.

This was a very tempting camping area with it's powder sand, but it's exposed to the 3-mile wide lake/river.  Oh well.

This is the entrance to...

The collegiate painted-rock competition area...

Here's only half of it...

The finest in college and redneck artistic pride.  Opinions on this place vary from destruction of nature to confined graffitti (better all in one place) to artistic and personal canvas.  This is a former quarry and the water is over 100' deep.   It is a well protected anchorage with no real shore access... if you have enough anchor line.

As we approach Ft. Heiman cove, we spot a deer.

TN-62.7 - Fort Heiman Gravel beach - very coarse gravel beach but good enough for Scooby.  No clearing to the South for a satellite dish.  Darn it.

Scooby says "The gravel at Ft. Heiman beach is kinda coarse, but I'll work with it."

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