Day 13 - TN-25.5 - Gravel beach cove

Savell's branch has a nice sandy area for a break.

It's at TN-39.

TN-25.5 - Entrance to Gravel beach cove

TN-25.5 - Gravel beach cove - another gravel beach with somewhat finer gravel and lots of open area to wander including a little used road.  Scooby's found it all - a beach, a ball and some kids to throw it for him. 

It's well protected except for winds directly from the South.  Today there was a slight breeze from the North.

There's lot of room to explore here.  This is the side open to the lake.

Went through the Barkley canal which connects the two rivers; now we're on the Cumberland River!  This canal avoids passing through two locks to get to the natural split of the two rivers.

These trips really take a lot out of you.

(engineer cove)

Photo from

CU-31.8 - Green Turtle Bay Marina - a huge marina with 450 slips and loaner vans for getting supplies.  It's so huge that we couldn't get a good shot by water or land and had to use an aerial from their web site.

There were 2 restaurants on the property and more in town.  The yacht club restaurant is seen here towing over our boat.

Showers, laundry and ships store are very close by.  The docks have seen better days and could use some updating, but they are stable.  Scooby gave three paws up to the nearby grassy area which had plenty of running room.  There is a beach area perhaps three city blocks away.  Next time we'll make it there and give it the ultimate pet friendliness test: dog-allowed-at-the-beach?

That nice pet area goes right up to a great boat ramp.

Another interesting, um, houseboat?

If you stop at Green Turtle Cove, be sure to get a courtesy van and go to Pattis' 1880's settlement for dinner.  It will be special.  Sorry, this is a dry county so iced tea will have to do instead of your favorite wine.

There are a number of other curious places in Grand Rivers KY that we did not have time to check out.  Maybe you can do it for us.

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