Day 14

Now that we're on a new river, we wondered what it would be like and found that you have to be sure and stay in the channel, as this little island reminds you. 

Even when you're IN the channel you need to watch out.

Hotel? Resort?  Army Corps pumping station? Nope!  Prison!  One that's been here for a loooong time.  Nice to have a waterfront view... or is that cruel and unusual punishment?

Lots of room to get around barges on this nice wide section of river.  Note the space between the barge and the channel marker on the right.  Remember this for later.

Let the Cumberland River house competition begin.

Yes, there are Deer on those islands.  This is at approximately TN-72.

More beautiful scenery...  woops! more stumps in the channel!

This is the approach to Bumpus Mills Marina, a well protected spot with a ramp.  The channel is well marked too but stay in the middle because there is at least one stump just inside the markers near the entrance.

This is the last gas going upstream for 60 miles and the price is similar to other marinas (no gouging here).

This speaks for itself.

I bet he would wave if he could.

The river is starting to narrow up as we exit the lake.

OK, "No Trespassing", we get it.  This is Fort Donelson National Battlefield.

These must be Scooby's relatives because they don't want to get out of the water either.

We spent the night at this Army Corps ramp at Lick Creek near Dover which had a small beach, running water and a huge open grassy field for running around.

There were even some free lighted tennis courts just down the street (not pictured).

Just the basics: air conditioning, HDTV from satellite with 5.1 surround sound, internet and a refrigerator well stocked with beer...  The 60's flashback shirt came from the Mermaid Marina.  There's a microwave, shower with hot water and a real toilet. 

A good point.  They make inflatable vests that make it easy to wear one without it getting in the way.  Unfortunately, they are very expensive ($80-150).  We have one and plan to get another.

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