Day 8 - TN-246.5 Seven mile island beach

TN-246.5 - Seven mile island beach complete with furniture, carpet, outhouse and a posted notice from the TVA for someone to remove all of those fine improvements.  It includes the mandatory trash and glass, but not as much as other primitive sites.  TVA should re-think the outhouse - it might be better than what would happen if there were no outhouse.  There is a very shallow sand bar that you need to cross over to get to the protected side.  Deep draft boats should avoid this (na na-na na na!) ;-)

There were two industrial complexes nearby that we could see and hear at night, each about a mile away.

Scooby loves swimming here - nice gradual drop-off, great sand and occasional waves from barges (see background).  This was one of our favorite sites, except for the glass and trash.

The protected side was weedy and we pushed off about 8' before turning in and that paid off.  The water level did drop as predicted.

Complete with river view outhouse, which we did not use.  The tube goes about 3' into the ground.

The TVA was thrilled about it too.  Perhaps putting a port-a-potty and some trash cans in this popular place would be a good idea.

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