Day 9 - TN-192 Wolf Island

(Eastport, ten tom go, pick kwik lock 206.7 here)

TN-192 Wolf Island - The smaller island on the Southeast side is Scooby's most highly rated place of the entire trip.  It had a great beach with lots of shade for the entire boat and no wakes from other boats (including barges).  The only thing missing were some kids him to play ball with.  He rated it four paws out of five (just need the kids or even some enthusiastic adults). 

When approaching, watch out for the sand bar off the tip to the right (as there would probably off any island).

Full approval from the boss.

Look for the smaller of the two islands.  North is to the left.

Very well protected and very little boat traffic.

The town of Savannah is just around the corner...

A small campsite with the usual furniture and trash.  We often picked up glass and what we had room for.

Sunrise and a lower water level showed us the sand bar off the tip of the island.  That's about 15' of new shoreline.

We would have been beached if we had not pushed off the night before.

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