Ziggy was discovered at http://petfinder.com and adopted from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida.  It's hard to believe that someone didn't want him.

Here is a rare photo showing Ziggy without some toy in his mouth.  He is very well socialized, crate trained, weaned off unnecessary Prozac (from his last owners) and walks very well on a leash, thanks to his Lab Rescue foster mom, Barb.  We will cure him of jumping and teach him about 15 new commands and behaviors. 

Take a look at the huge tail!

What is that out on the lake?  I makes a funny sound and I heard someone call it a "boat".

He is as goofy...

and sweet as he looks.

Isn't flash supposed to make your eyes red?  This unedited photo shows him holding his face perfectly still while his body and world moved around him.

Ziggy has a fabuous grill - but it's just for show.

Ziggy is the only four-legged animal in the Animal House.  To see how his predecessors lived, check out the Tennessee River Trip and the Animal House.

pix from 12/28/07; updated 2/09